Data & Insights

WINR Data's Kaptiv Audience Segments (KAS) is a proprietary data segmentation system used to identify and understand the best audience segments for marketers to focus on – allowing you to predict future performance and deliver higher conversion rates.

KAS offers a depth of actionable insights into current and prospective customers never before seen in performance marketing.

Using KAS, WINR Data is able to:

Identify specifically which audience segments convert best for your business
Dramatically reduce media spend inefficiency and wastage
Provide a consistent holistic framework to view your existing & prospective customers
Identify underperforming segments and better understand churn risks

Using multiple Life Stage, Demographic, Census and Behavioural variables - customers are assigned into 1 of 24 unique segments.

Then, by analysing the conversion performance of your represented customer base, we're able to:

Reject lowest performing KAS Segments - thereby lifting overall conversion rates and ROI
Prioritise future media spend on KAS Segments with the Highest Conversion Index

Finally, KAS coding can be appended to your entire customer/user database via Realtime API (or Batch send) to create a uniform segmentation system and identify additional cross-sell and upsell opportunities.